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"I purchased the Sweet Orange Pre-Shave Oil, and the result is a pure clean, crisp and beautiful shave. I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. Very knowledgeable staff that took good care of me. Thank you so much guys!"

- Ogi K.

"I purchased the oil and balm and love the product smells good and does not leave your beard feeling greasy afterwards. would definitely recommend."

- Jaime W.


"Hi I bought your Sweet Orange beard oil and balm on Saturday from the St Albert Farmer's Market. After just two days of use I already know this is the BEST beard products that I have used!"

R. Lee


"Met the owner at the bountiful farmers market and so glad I did! He's passionate about his product line and determined to succeed. Great guy, honest business, and AMAZING products. Will be recommending to my fellow bearded brothers 👌🏾"

Azaan D.

"I purchased this beard oil a couple weeks ago for myself, and it is absolutely fantastic. I have used a lot of beard oils in my day, and so far this one is the best. It keeps my beard fresh and smelling good, and even stops it from getting dry and itchy. I'm an avid user, and I'll definitely be back for more!!!"

- Patrick S.

"I had the pleasure of being able to purchase these amazing products. I went with the sandalwood beard oil. Perfect scent that’s not overpowering, it’s just the right amount of oily ness and shine. And not only does your beard look and smell amazing, it helps you gain control of the wild beast on your face and makes Odin himself jealous of that beard. I grabbed a boar bristle brush and a Woden [sic] comb too. These products are very affordable and quality wise, they’re probably some of the best out there. The brush actually grabs the hair on your face to control rather than push and flatten which is a huge bonus. The comb is a beautiful thing as well. Very smooth edges on the wooden comb so it won’t damage your beard or moustache like the plastic ones will. Amazing product, even more amazing people!!! If you care for your beard, you should be using Victorian Grooming Co. thank you"

- Cory S.

"Tony treats his customers just like family! His booth at the South Edmonton Farmers Market stood out to us right away. He was eager help my boyfriend find the best products for his beard grooming needs. He also personally demonstrated how to test each product, and how to correctly apply the beard oil for daily use! The beard oils are naturally scented, and are not too overwhelming. However, there was an unscented beard oil for those who cannot handle scented oils. I personally loved the Cedar and the Lavender. Looking forward to the fall collection! We will definitely be back!"

- Cassie F.

"My husband purchased this oil and comb a couple weeks ago. he said its the best oil cause it's not greasy feeling and it smells good. the comb works amazing and smells good too!"

- Santika P.

"Great products and friendly folks as well. Oil is light and not overly shiny when in use. 10 outta 10!"

- Brian E.

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