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I wanted to become my bearded best so here's my story

Hello! I'm Tony, the founder of Victorian Grooming Co.


Victorian Grooming Co. is a Canadian company at heart - with our products being handcrafted in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta - however, my journey started in the east, the far east - China. Having lived there for 3 years, finding quality (or any) beard products was near impossible. I decided to take matters into my own hands to create beard products that I could use daily, not only to tame my beard, but to keep it and the skin underneath moisturized. After much research and formula testing, I finally created a product that met my needs: to keep my beard looking, smelling and feeling amazing.

This new found passion for creating beard grooming products escalated quickly and Victorian Grooming Co. came to life. As for the name, I reflected to a time when beards had resurged in the world. The Victorian era was replete with amazing beards. Not only that, but that was the time of the Industrial Revolution - signifying change in the world - just as Victorian Grooming Co. has changed my world.

I'm looking forward to building a community together with beard owners and beard lovers who are passionate about keeping our beards looking, smelling and feeling amazing!

- Tony Fehr


Tony Fehr

Owner & Founder

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