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Product Directions

Beard Oil

Best results if applied after a warm shower. Lightly towel dry your beard. Using the dropper, warm the oil by putting a few drops in your palm and rub your hands together. Starting at the skin, work through through your beard from the roots to the ends. Massage thoroughly. For best results, follow up by brushing your beard, allowing the oils to be absorbed more evenly, as well as exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. 

Beard Balm


Scrape out a pea sized amount with your thumbnail and by rub well between palms until melted. Apply to beard by evenly working it through to the ends. Adjust amount used based on your beard size or preference. Style with a wooden comb.

Beard Soap

It's best to wash your beard with soap every 2 - 3 days; more than that can strip your beard of its natural oils. Simple use water to rinse your beard on the non-soap days. You can also use the beard soap as a body soap.


Pre-Shave Oils

Towel dry the area to be shaved. Put a few drops in one palm and rub hands together. Massage oil in for 30 seconds  and allow oil to absorb for 30 seconds. Without rinsing the oil, apply Shave Soap. 

Shave Soap

Allow shaving brush to soap in warm water. Shake off excess water. Lather Shave Soap and apply to area to be shaved. For best results, pair with Victorian Grooming Co. Pre-Shave Oil.

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